That’s what it’s all about…

August 10, 2008

I love my boss’ boat!

I have never ridden on it. I think I have only seen it once. But I love it nonetheless…

You see, the boat is the reason that he has only been in the office for 15 minutes this entire week and virtually non-existent for at least the last three weeks. This is why I love the boat. So much so that if I was a boat I would marry it and have a whole gaggle of little rowboats with it.

My boss, I will call him Spazman, is a very hard man to work for because he is… well… exactly that… a Spaz.

Have you ever known a person who is always going at 112 miles per hour and expects you to keep up with them? Spazman is one of those! The problem is that his brain can think up shit faster than anyone can put his ideas into motion so I feel like one of those plate jugglers. But not a very good plate juggler. Actually more like an amateur plate juggler with one broken arm in a room full of cats and rocking chairs.

I affectionately call Spazman’s management style, “Hokey-Pokey Management”. You know… ok, let’s see… put your right foot in… no, no, no, put your right foot out… wait… put it back in and shake it all about…

But, thanks to the boat, I have had a reprieve lately and I have actually finished a few projects.

If it weren’t for Twitter, I would almost be caught up by now…


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  1. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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