Meat for Life…

August 11, 2008


Belarus is a land-locked country in Eastern Europe of not quite 10 million people.

Belarusian athletes who receive a gold medal during the Beijing Olympics will be provided with meat and sausage for the rest of their lives, a meat company said on Thursday. The women’s national basketball team, however, which will take part in the Olympic Games for the first time, will get the reward if they secure any medal.

Am I the only one who sees the injustice here?

Let’s just say, for discussion sake, that I am a female Belarusian weightlifter, and I have worked my Belarusian ass off to get to the Olympics. I would be mightily pissed off if I had to get a gold medal just to get my lifetime supply of meat when those wimpy-ass basketball players can be knee-deep in sausage just for a bronze.

I mean if anyone should be getting all the sausage, you would think it’s the weightlifter. They are so strong they could probably force somebody to lay a little meat on them once in awhile but they shouldn’t have to be THE best weightlifter in the world just to enjoy a wiener on the weekend.

Then again, I may be thinking too much. Perhaps female weightlifters don’t even like sausage. Maybe they wouldn’t touch a wiener with a 10 foot pole. And what good would a lifetime supply be if you were repulsed by frankfurters?

But I still think that everyone, weightlifter to basketball player, should have the same opportunity. I just think it’s sending the wrong message. I really hope this meat company rethinks their entire program here.  You know… a good sausage should be available to any woman who is willing to work hard enough…




  1. Hi!
    That is hilarious, and so true! Weiner schnitzel for everyone!

  2. I think meat for life is the best reward ever!

  3. lmao, that’s better than a medal, right?

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