Pity Party…

August 18, 2008


It’s 2 o’clock and I’m awake.

I took the kids to the airport and came back to a pity party in full swing. It was quite the party! Complete with clowns and party hats and even kazoos. Or at least that’s what my Captain Morgan-logged brain remembers.

I laid down for a nap around two and got the best night’s sleep I have had in weeks. Unfortunately, that means I slept from around 2 PM till 1 AM. Now I’m fucked. I will never be awake on time to get to work tomorrow.

In the meantime I am forced to watch late night info-mercials and reruns of American Idol. Clay Aiken is no less gay on reruns than he was in real time.

How many attorney’s are there and why do they advertise at this time of night? Do people who were the victims of mesothelioma stay up late for some reason because of the disease? They must because every other commercial is trying to tell them they can be multi-millionaires if they hire the right attorney.

I’m weird. I know that. But seriously, late night TV makes me think there are weirder people than me. And that makes me feel a little scared.

I guess I should just watch the Olympics.


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