Laugh Quota…

August 24, 2008


Sometimes I just want to laugh…

You know, that big gi-normous belly laugh that makes your eyes water and your head hurt just a little bit and your tummy feel a little queasy.

I think there is a laugh quota.

Like all of us think there is a speeding ticket quota for cops that they have to get out by the end of the month, I think there is a laugh quota that we all have. By the end of the month, if we haven’t laughed X-number of times, then we are more stressed out than the average Joe.

·         The You-Tubes of the babies sitting in their high chairs laughing their little Huggie-clad asses off make me feel better.

·         The sit-coms that don’t really make sense but have really good writers that come up with the one-liner that will be repeated around the office in the morning make me feel a tad bit more sane.

·         The Twitter I get from guys like smartasshat that makes me giggle like a little girl and I feel like an average human being.

Laughing is a physical manifestation of our brains way of telling our psyches that we enjoyed something. And enjoyment is something we all seek on a minute-to-minute basis. It just doesn’t seem we achieve it enough.

I think I need to invent a laugh remote that is connected directly to that portion of our brain.

I would be laughing all the way to the bank…



  1. You make that laugh remote and I promise to be the first one to buy it. can you make a pretty pink one please??? Figured I would put in my request now.


  2. Add me to your buyers’ list!

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