Love hurts…

September 1, 2008


I told somebody who is very special to me that I didn’t love them.

I am pretty sure that she loved me and it hurt to tell her that.

But here’s the rub… I don’t know what it really means to love someone. I think that people expect a certain return on their investment and I don’t think I can give them that. Call it sad if you wish. Call it an excuse if you are critical. Call it crazy if you are dramatic.

But I really think that love is so enigmatic that the average Joe is confused by the meaning of it. It’s very possible that I loved this person. Pretty sure that I did. But maybe too lazy or crazy or scared to act on it. Maybe too non-committal to see it through.

My brain gets way too involved in these issues sometimes.

I wish Life came with an Owners Manual…



  1. ….good luck with that

  2. I wish Life came with an owners manual, but then we’d all probably cross out half the directions and want to make our own rules anyways huh? I am learning that almost everything is arbitrary these days… something they don’t ever teach you in Sunday school… love your entries.

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