Love in an elevator…

September 3, 2008


The elevator door opened  and I think it was love at first sight. Or maybe, love at first smell.

I had been thinking about work and something very serious but as soon as she walked in my mind went completely blank. I was overwhelmed. I was in awe.

My stomach felt funny; my hands were clammy; my mouth was watering…

Not being someone who is typically shy I just couldn’t find the words to speak. I actually started to panic as the elevator started getting closer and closer to her floor. Afraid that she would walk out without me asking her…

She must have sensed something too because I could feel her watching me out of the corner of her eye.

Too soon the somewhat scary voice inside the elevator panel announced that we were at her floor. She hesitated a little as she went to walk out. I think expecting me to say something.

I finally reached way down deep inside and find a pea-sized nugget of nerve and said, “That food smells completely awesome! Where’d you get it?”

As soon as she told me I punched the “Lobby” button and went straight there for dinner…



One comment

  1. You’re so bad! 🙂 Was it noodles?



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