I blame Twitter…

February 7, 2009

Wow have I been seriously neglecting my blog!

I haven’t posted since September? And that was a serious post? That’s not what I wanted this blog to be at all!

I blame Twitter.

Since I found Twitter, I realized I could throw these little nuggets of thought out there and let people do with them what they would. I didn’t have to make the story evolve, I could just start the thought process and let each person take it to whatever extreme they wanted to. I got lazy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Twitter. I am fully Twitterized at this point and wouldn’t give it up. But it’s not the same as writing. Taking the most mundane idea and putting words to paper; to lead a reader down a path to an end that I designed.

Writing is all about control, I think. And there are some who know me that say I like to be in control, no, have to be in control. There is some truth to that. Writing gives you that control. The reader goes exactly where you want them to go, whether they want to or not.

Did you ever read a book and you are all like, “No! Don’t go outside in your underwear in the lightning storm with just a pen-light, You’ll be killed” but the character in the book does it anyway and, obviously, ends up wrapped around a Maple tree? That’s the kind of control the writer has over you.

I want to write again. I want to evolve those thoughts in my noodle.

If I can stay off Twitter long enough.



  1. I ❤ Twitter too! My problem is that every day this week I’ve sat down to write a post, but something interferes and I lose focus. Then, all day long I’m distractedly composing a post in my head while attempting to take care of whatever the hell it was that interfered with my thought-process. Then, of course, martini-time arrives and there’s no way I can write a cohesive post. That’s when it’s fun to drunk Twitter 😉

  2. Twitter is like crack for those of with ADHD. Since I discovered Twitter, I’ve written more than I ever thought possible. I feel bad for you normal people.

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