Twitter as a Tool…

February 22, 2009


My last post was all about how I blame Twitter for my lack of posting to this blog. And I do blame Twitter… mostly. (Remember in the Princess Bride how he was only *mostly dead*)

How big a loser do I sound like when I say that Twitter has changed my life a little bit?

There are many, if not a majority, of people on Twitter for Social Media purposes and business purposes. Not me. I’m there purely for the entertainment. And through Twitter, I have met some interesting people I would have never met otherwise. I actually feel like my little gang of Twitter Buddies I hang out with are the people I would go have a beer with if we all lived in the same town.

I mentioned this in a Tweet, but Twitter is like being at a cocktail party. As you mill around, you hear snippets of conversations. Some of them are interesting to you, some of them aren’t. The ones you want to join in, go for it. If it’s boring to you, move on.

To be very honest though, I don’t like to talk business at a cocktail party. So, just like with Twitter, if you interrupt the conversation my friend and I are having about how sealions have really bad breath when they wake up in the morning and try to sell me on the latest-greatest MLM that will make me a cubic butt-load of money with little to no effort on my part, I will probably ignore you.

I believe Twitter can be an awesome business tool. But it has to be used the right way. If it were a tool, it wouldn’t be a hammer, it would be a drill. In other words, don’t beat me over the head with it. Just be there and when I have the need to make a hole I will pick it up and use it.

That made perfect sense to me. If you didn’t get it, well… that’s the beauty of Twitter, you don’t have to “get it” because there are so many others for you to read.

In the meantime I will continue to be amused by Tweeting with my new-found gang.



  1. Okay, I lost focus at Princess Bride, since that’s possibly my all time favorite movie & started running through the dialogue that comes after “mostly dead”(which as, you know, is slightly alive.)

    As far as meeting up for beer, well, be aware that some of us like to go all Mariah Carey-style high maintenance & request Champagne at every gathering. ‘Cause you know, lamb, life is a celebration. (I let you decide if an unfollow is now appropriate.)

    All this to say, you’re right. Twitter is a tool. As the Guillotine was a tool. So just follow the safety warnings on your tools. That’s all I’m saying.

  2. You’re analagies about twitter are right on – at least for me, anyway.

    In the beginning, I only used twitter as a way to say something at the world that might be too small a thought for a whole blog post, like the time I pondered what people keep in their breadboxes. Or, sometimes I used it to post a link to one of my LOL cat creations so my peeps could see a picture of my kittehs.

    As time went on, I discovered that I was indeed establishing realtionships with a few people and I like this!

    I’m not selling anything on Twitter, and too, I’m not buying anything on Twitter.

    But, still, it is a tool. For me, it is like a ball peen hammer – a way to make observations about my world, to glimpse others’ observations about their worlds and to see how we are all very much alike, in the larger scheme of things.

    I’ve been getting a lot of great ideas from the twitterverse.

    And, making a few friends to boot. How cool is that? 🙂

  3. I’ve been using Twitter for a long time. I.AM.ADDICTED. That is all

  4. Hiya – saw your link on a #followfriday and so I did! Haha! Well, yeah – I look forward to being a part of your Twitter gang too! 😉

  5. MisterNoodle… I heart you. You’re the bestest. Your blogs are totally spot on!!!

  6. Cocktail party – nice. I always said it was like a telephone party line (guess that ages me!:)- pick up the line, see who’s chatting and either join in or just be the neighborhood busybody 🙂


  7. i think you right on the money, Mr. N:)

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