Pushing People Around…

February 24, 2009

Just sitting here chilling out after a pretty good day at work. Hearing sirens outside and normal city sounds and thinking about how much I have changed.

You have to first of all know that I’m a country boy. Grew up in a very small Midwestern town. Put it this way, I have actually been cow-tipping before. Enough said?

Now I ride two different Public Transportation buses and a train to get to work.

When it first became apparent that I was probably going to end up living in downtown Chicago, I fought it tooth and nail (when people say that saying do they mean nail as in fingernail or nail as in one more in my coffin?). There was not one single good reason I could think of to live here.

But now it’s sort of like The Metra trains. If you haven’t seen them they just run back and forth all day. They don’t turn the train around, they just reverse direction, so the engine is always pushing people into the city and then dragging them back out. That’s how I feel, now that I’ve been pushed here, someone is probably going to have to drag me out.

There is a raw, gritty energy to the city. Other cities have it too, but in Chicago, it’s just that different. Walking down the street whether it’s Wacker at rush hour or Clark late at night, if you try hard enough you can almost hear the city’s heartbeat. Sure, you’ll also hear the cabbies honking and the Doorman’s whistles and someone will eventually ask you for change. But none of it makes you feel threatened or worried.

People won’t go out of their way to talk to you necessarily, but if you need directions or want to know where that bus goes, all you have to do is ask someone. If they live here, they’ll help you. It’s cool that way.

I’m so glad I was pushed here.


One comment

  1. Ok, I’ll admit it, I want to visit Chicago some day, mostly because of this post 🙂


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