Learning a Tough Lesson…

March 1, 2009

***I got in trouble at school today, Dad. (My 15 year old is usually pretty blunt when he’s telling on himself)

What? What did you do? (Sigh)

Well, we had a substitute teacher. He is from the Middle East somewhere and stereotypically sounds like the guy on the Simpsons when he talks. You know who I mean? (His usage of the word ‘stereotypically’ surprised me)

Yes, I know who you mean. (Yeah, I watch the Simpsons. Shut up.)

He’s really old and has this long beard that is all white… (he went on & on at this point explaining how he knows the teacher. My 15 yr old can take 3 hours to tell you about a 2 hour movie)

OK, Ok… but how did you get in trouble?

Well, there were some kids in the back of the class that were causing trouble. (He’s funny because when it’s his classmates he doesn’t like he calls them ‘kids’)

How were they causing trouble?

Every time he would turn around they would make comments like, “ Hope he doesn’t blow up the school” and make sounds and just basically making fun of him. The first time, he turned around and told them to respect their elders. The second time he told them he would send them to the office. But I was getting mad.

Why were you getting mad?

Because they were being stupid. These kids don’t understand that even though he’s not from here he is still a person. (Could I have been more proud of that statement!!)

Wait so how did you get in trouble??

Well, the third time it happened, I was so mad I stood up and yelled at these stupid kids, “I’ll send you to the office in a body-bag if you don’t stop it right now!!” (ooo… um… wow…)

Dude… that wasn’t right to say.

I know, Dad, but I was really mad. Then one of the kids told on me and I had to explain all this to the principal and of course I looked like the bad guy.

What lesson did you learn?

That stupid people do stupid things and if you try to stop them you get in trouble. ***

We had a lot more discussion after that but when I hung up the phone I was as proud of my son as I could be and sad that he’s starting to learn some of life’s harsh lessons.



  1. Those lessons suck. My son gets overly irate with ignorance as well. It’s not so bad to have a very low tolerance for stupidity 🙂 We just have to make them channel all that energy into PRODUCTIVE things.

    At least your son had the right foundation to know what they were doing was wrong, and to speak up about it, even if he chose the wrong words.

  2. Ah, what a sweet kid – his heart was in the right place – but yea, there’s a no-tolerance atmosphere in most schools regarding harming other students.

    Hugs to you both.


  3. Wow. I like your son.

  4. My sons are the same way. Their step-father raised them to be like him. Couldn’t find a better role model than the man I married.
    Great son. Great job, Dad.

  5. I’m glad to hear they have a role model… That is SO important!!

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