What happens when you sleep?…

March 5, 2009


The mirror wasn’t nice to me this morning.

I got out of bed and as I walked into the bathroom I saw this guy in the mirror with hair that would have made one of those London punkers proud. I stood there for a moment studying my hair, just trying to figure out how in the world it could have gotten into the shape it was in. Do I sleep standing on my head? If that chunk of hair is pointing to the left, then there is no physical way that chunk can be pointing to Mecca!

My hair isn’t long. I learned when I was in the military that I like to keep it rather short. So it’s not like it has a whole lot of chances to misbehave. But some mornings it’s like my hair had a wild wild Spring Break Party while I slept, and, apparently, it forgot to invite me.

Sometimes I think my hair just likes to rebel. It just likes to prove how important it is to me. I would shave it all off if I thought my head could pull it off….



  1. wahahaha, than you do not need to buy that out-of-bed-look-styling-gelly, safe a lot of money.

  2. omg, “that would have made one of those London punkers proud” – I have those days too- my huz just laughs at me to no end. It’s ugly. But it’s real life happening 🙂 It was nice to meet you on Twitter!

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