Tribune Story…

May 3, 2009


I noticed a new follower @kevinthepang but his updates were protected. Normally I don’t follow-back with people who protect their updates. Not sure why, I just don’t. But Kevin’s Bio made me laugh. It said “Award-Eligible writer for the Chicago Tribune” So I followed.

A few minutes later I get a DM from him. I thought it was going to be an Auto DM, you know, “Thanks for the follow. Click here to make millions doing nothing” but it wasn’t. He was asking me to call him to do an interview for the Tribune.

Apparently, on www.twitalyzer.com, I am the second “Most Influential” Twitterer in Chicago. Kevin tells me the number one guy is a rapper who was born here but really lives in Atlanta, so they wanted to do a short little story about me and my Twitterage…

I seriously laughed out loud!!

To think that me and my BS that I put out there on Twitter has me ranked that high, on any site, is funny to me. I see others who are here for a real purpose; to market, to promote their business, whatever… Then to see myself ranked above them makes me feel like I don’t really belong there.

Here’s what it does tell me though… I know how hard I try to talk to any person who talks to me. I know I always try to maintain a positive attitude on Twitter. I know I believe in the Golden Rule, especially on Twitter. So, perhaps, that’s why I have this silly ranking. Maybe people like to be treated with kindness whether they have 30,000 followers or 30 followers. Maybe people are like me and just trying to connect with others. Maybe people are, as a whole, good people.

Who knows…



  1. Im so excited for you!!! I cant wait to read it.. I will be in Chicago on June 1st i hope we can meet up! *hug*

  2. Laughter & kindness are contagious and powerful. You have them both in loads. Great posts Noodle man!

  3. Thanks for the kind words Heather (Nacho). I love making people smile, so to hear that makes me feel good!

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