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May 9, 2009


Any article that I see about Twitter I like to read. I am a Twitterholic afterall…

So I’m reading this article by Scott Fox whom I don’t know and only started following on Twitter as I wrote this post. It’s a pretty well-written article and there are many things I agree with.

One thing in particular though I don’t…

Scott’s  Third point is essentially that you can follow too many people. The “Quantity vs. Quality” argument.  He states, “To me following thousands of people publicly demonstrates that you don’t much value the tweets you receive.”

I couldn’t disagree more!

As of this writing, I follow over 6500 people. Do I know them all? Of course not. Have I even said Hello to them all? No way! But I followed them for some reason. It may have been simply because they followed me first.

But here is how I value their Tweets… To have the thought processes and web-surfing abilities and mind-sets and view-points of over 6500 people at my fingertips at any given moment is priceless to me! To have that far left column of my TweetDeck spitting out Tweet after Tweet from all these people means I don’t necessarily have to read every news website to get the scoop; I don’t have to pour through search engines to find great info; I don’t have to find the latest buzz on my own… They find it for me!

To me it’s kinda like having a Current Events Cliff’s Notes…

Please understand I am not saying Scott is wrong about the fact that there isn’t really a way to have a relationship with that many people on Twitter, he is right. Of the people I follow, I build relationships with those who are most like me or intrigue me or whatever, but the rest are invaluable to me for many reasons. But it seems such a waste to have all this info at your beck and call and not take advantage of it!

When I look at a person’s profile and see a very low following to follower ratio, that is actually a negative for me. To me, it means that they think what they have to say is more important than what their followers have to say.

However, I have said this before, that’s the beauty of Twitter… It’s whatever you want it to be…



  1. I go through phases where I think that I need to follow more people, and I do it, and then one day I see a bunch of noise or junk on my screen and feel slightly overwhelmed….

  2. I would feel that way too Brett if it weren’t for TweetDeck. Once I got my Groups set up, I am able to track those I want to and then every few minutes scroll through the column with everyone in it. Then if I see a convo I want to follow I will go to Search.Twitter to see it.

    Thanks for the comment!!

  3. I agree. I follow those who follow me. I feel that it gives me the opportunity to meet them an join in conversation.

    I also agree about the “Celebs” who only follow a few people. What that tells me is that they are more interested in “Broadcasting” then they are in engaging conversation. Hey, if that is how they want to use their voice, that is fine.

    Thanks for a great post.

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