Bringing Twitter to Life…

May 15, 2009


In the last four days I have met 30+ Twitterers in real life.

The most notable to me since I spent the most time with them were Robin Walker, Kim Redd, Rick Bakas and Jaimie Bakas.

Robin, Kim & I chose to go out after a TweetUp here in Chicago Tuesday night to this little bar that was having Karoke. It was Robin’s idea and, to be honest, I wasn’t all that excited about it. But at the end of the night I had made two Real Life friends and had a blast. Robin is fun, loud and will talk to anyone. Kim is the type of person who you know you can count on as a friend (even though when she talks about people on Twitter she insists on saying the @… “So I was talking to AtRobinWalker”, lol)

Today, I met up with Rick & Jaimie Bakas. They were in Chicago to visit family and we met in Wrigleyville. They were supposed to see the Cubs play but the weather had a different idea and the game was rained out. Still, I enjoyed sitting with them for about three hours while we ate some famous Chicago Italian Beef Sandwiches and talked about everything from Twitter to Family to Wine preferences (if you know them *that* shouldn’t surprise you!).

Sometimes when Non-Twitterers ask me about what Twitter is, or why I Twitter, I get a little embarrassed trying to explain how it all works. I know they look at me like… “You Nerd… Get a Life” but there really are relationships built through Twitter. I know I count many of you as friends that I would never have made otherwise.

Now that I am starting to meet some of you in Real Life, I can see that these relationships aren’t just some figment of my virtual imagination. All four of the people I mentioned were exactly like I expected them to be from their online persona. And, I doubt I would have met any of them without Twitter.

Bringing Twitter to Life this week has been a blast for me and I hope I will eventually get to meet all of you!



  1. So glad you got to meet Rick and Jaimie today! That is very cool! I was there in spirit. Rick asked if my ears were burning, haha!

    “…Sometimes when Non-Twitterers ask me about what Twitter is, or why I Twitter, I get a little embarrassed trying to explain how it all works.”

    I know right? My daughter just joined as well as one of my nieces. Even with someone who is willing to give it a try, I have a hard time explaining what to do. The easiest thing as it turns out, is to just sit with them in front of your own twitter account and explain what you are doing. I sent a Tweetdeck link to my daughter, because it really makes things more understandable ya know? Still trying to figure out how to give her a #followfriday since she is out of my age group. I’ll have to ponder that. I think the key lies in doing it the way I did it today with Rick and describe who she is and hope the right matches follow her.

  2. I do think the reason people get along so well on Twitter is because it takes a certain mindset to ‘get’ Twitter

  3. I love the idea of meeting my twitter friends in person. Wonder if they’d all get along: my followers and people I follow are very diverse and match my many interests – from evolution of consciousness to shamanic rituals. And they are all over the map, too! I guess twitter encourages people to look for common ground, and does it without any such proclamations. Sweet.
    The best part is we are all teachers and students here, that’s why it is so irresistible.

    Thank you @MisterNoodle for being a great teacher. Your lessons are cherished.

  4. I think Twitter provides a different aspect. I know a lot of my Twitter Friends just enough to connect. I like them, they are fun, they intrigue me… only later do I find out they are a different religion… a different mindset… a different … whatever… To me Twitter has opened my mind to realize, essentially we are all the same with very minor (or what should be minor) differences…

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