Follow Friday Boycott…

May 28, 2009


I decided I am no longer participating in Follow Friday.

Anyone who follows me closely knows I value my Twitter Friends and love to talk to each and every one of them. I want to connect and talk to you. I don’t want to be just another Follower of yours or you of mine…

#FollowFriday has gotten stupid… yes I said it.. It was a *GREAT* idea to begin with and I have found a few good people from it. But if you will seriously tell me that you check out each and every  recommendation that comes across your screen on Friday’s then I would probably call you a liar… unless you only follow 10 or 20 people anyway… There are some who measure their Influence by the Follow Friday sites that have been developed and the rules for all those sites are so different that it takes a brain surgeon to figure them out.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to get recommendations from peeps I know!  But it really comes down to connections and fun to me… And, if you feel like I do, that Friday’s has become an actual stressful day for you because of making sure you are #FollowFriday ing everyone who #FollowFriday’s you and you are afraid you may upset someone if you forget them… Then it’s *WAY* too complicated!!

@RickBakas coined the hashtag #FastFollowFive. This is recommending 5 of your favorite followers at anytime, a Monday night, a Thursday afternoon… whenever you feel like it. Most of you know I use this tag often and I hope it’s much more manageable and that you find some good peeps from it…

I will thank you in advance for any #FollowFriday recommendations you give me. I will *NOT* be giving any back… Not because of my ego or pride but because I don’t think they mean anything anymore anyway. If I want to recommend you, I will in my own way and in a way that will mean more to *you* To me it’s the whole point of Twitter to begin with… You give some value to me, I will return the value to you in some way…

If you have followed me for any length of time, you know I love everyone who follows me so please don’t take offense…



  1. Hey, I hear this loud and clear. I have been making follow recommendations all week and have been trying to scale back my #FollowFriday participation… it’s just got too crazy!
    @DarrenSproat on Twitter

  2. I truly LOVE #followfriday – I really, really do – but it’s terribly difficult for me to keep up with it. So many wonderful Tweeps are recommending me, which is tremendously flattering, and I’d love to return the favor, but there simply isn’t time in the day…

    … as my followers grow, it’s quite literally taking up the whole day – time which is no doubt worth it, but I like to make a point of saying WHY one should follow each tweep… so MY followfridays take ME a long time.

    I like Twitter. A lot. Anyone who follows me, I want it to be because they actually like me, and value what I have to offer.

    And because I like them. Cuz I do.

    I’m really torn on this issue. really torn.

    -elizabeth (@inklesstales)

  3. I loved this post. Every Thursday night when the first #FFs with my name start popping up a mix of emotions follows. I love it. I resent the pressure. I can’t just avoid it.

    A few weeks ago I started a “shadow” account @iEndorse to make it easy to follow the tweeters I enjoyed. For 2 weeks it worked great: the pressure to reciprocate was gone AND I was able to recommend good people. Then I didn’t update the list by the next Friday and felt that I couldn’t just do nothing. At the same time, I was blown away by the number of people that recommended me. The Ego was jubilant. I joined in.

    To my surprise I had fun recommending. Then I found a tool that made recommendations 4 me based on my week’s tweeting history. I thought it wasn’t too bad with it. I can’t find it in my bookmarks. Now this post. I am so confused. With almost 15000 followers I can’t just ignore it. And I can’t flood people’s flow with all wonderful recommendations. And I’d have to have a full time help to endorse all that I’d like…

    or I could just post a link to this blog – every 20 minutes!

  4. I agree to some extent. I thought FF was a way of recommending those who you enjoy on twitter for whatever the reason (?) and not just a popularity contest. When I list someone on FF, I am not expecting them to FF me back unless they honestly enjoy my tweets. On the same token..when I list my FF’s I don’t expect people to jump up and follow all or any of my recommendations either unless they take a look and like what they see. The people on my FF list are people I truly enjoy..you might not and I’m perfectly ok with that. I have, a few times..tried to take a look at as many FF’s that others list. I’ve added some, decided not to add others and I’ve ended up removing some that I added and realized they were nice but just not my cup of tea when it came to content.

    I do not feel obligated to list everyone or even anyone when Friday rolls around. If someone has kept me laughing or entertained during the week..then I will list them. If the next week, its just not happening..I probably won’t list them. It’s a weekly thing for me and sometimes I don’t take part in FF at all. If anyone has an issue they can unfollow me and be on their way. This is supposed to be fun and not a race to see who can list the most people in one day or over the course of the whole week. At times I see so many recommendations (on Mon, Tues, Wed..etc) that it almost seems like people are kissing up in hopes of being liked or popular. That’s not my thing. If you’re on my FF, its because you did something to make me remember your name and I want to share you with others in case they need people to remember as well.

    So, in a nutshell..I will still be doing FF as needed and will not, instead, spread it out throughout the week..cuz that can get even more annoying in my opinion.

    Take care!

  5. Great comment! You are absolutely right in the way you use Follow Friday. That is the way it should be used and if everyone did it that way then this post would have never been made! Thanks for the comment!

  6. I feel the same way about the pressure… Was so worried I would upset someone without realizing it… Hence, Now I will just not even think about it. I will just post a link to this every Friday, lol. You can too, haha…

  7. Noodle man! Don’t feel bad, I think a bunch of people feel the same way. I totally agree with the “pressure” aspect that is felt starting on Thursday evening. It is a tough decision to make, but you won’t be the first. Now that my follower count is growing more quickly, it is damn near impossible to legitimately keep up. I will likely go back to #FFF because on the fly is much easier. As far as new followers go, I get rid of the obvious “offenders” and wait for the rest to interact or vice versa after I read something in a bio that catches my eye.

  8. Knuckles Noodle. I like the intro’s and fastfollowfive … Someone saying hello is more important than throwing me on a list, but I suppose it depends on the context. Some rec’s mean the world.

  9. Thanks for posting, I truly enjoyed reading your latest post. I think you should post more frequently, you obviously have talent for blogging!

  10. If you want to give a personal endorsement, along with comments and a reason WHY people might want to follow someone, you can make them at http://twindexx.com

  11. I happen to enjoy #FF but agree with you that it is silly. I am vey selective on whom I follow and who follows me. I’ve used the Block button more times this past week than I care to remember!
    You know I enjoy your tweets and think your super and I respect your decision not to do #FF!
    You are a wonderful person!!

  12. aww noodly i understand, im still gonna recommend ya because i think you are a wonderful person!


    Hope to see you on monday when i am in chi-town!


  13. […] There are some who measure their Influence by the Follow Friday sites that have been developed and the rules for all those sites are so different that it takes a brain surgeon to figure them out. … http://noodlejunction.net/2009/05/28/follow-friday-boycott/ […]

  14. Hello misternoodle,

    FINALLY someone understands!!! Thanks for the post.. I dont just follow anyone, sometime their post just not apply to me on any levels. But I think you’re a wonderful person. I’m sure look for you (if you ok with that) whenever I’m in the windy city 🙂

  15. The FastFollowFive idea seems good. Its really how FollowFriday should work. I don’t like the Five idea though. If you are recommending someone then do it one at a time so that you can explain why they are worth a follow. The Twitter streams are now full of lists of user names. I don’t follow any as a result of reading those Tweets.
    Suppose many do so that they can follow as many as possible, hoping to get followed back.
    There is a lot I love about Twitter, but ultimately its future is in our hands. If it get taken over by marketers, and pyramid spam schemes then it will soon return to the peripheries of Web 2.0 and be replaced with something more rewarding to members.

  16. this made a lot of sense to me, I used to enjoy seeing people’s FF recommendations, but, whoa, I have no interest in tweet after tweet after tweet from someone who tries to list everyone… gimme a break! On, wait, it’s not over, then come all the ‘thank you for the FF’ repeat show of everyone thanking everyone, seemingly over and over again……..EEEk! On Fridays, I watch for tweets where someone thoughtfully recommends 2 or 3 great folks, I visit their profile, often follow…. But I’m generally not even going to look at any of the other FF recc’s.

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