Who is Mister Noodle?


Mister Noodle is a single guy living in Chicagoland. He has two amazing teenage boys who are very close to him even though they don’t live with him.

This blog was started so that he could have a place for all his thoughts in his brain to come together… Hence… Noodle Junction.

As he was signing up for Twitter, he wanted his Twitter name to have something to do with his blog and thought of MisterNoodle. Everyone thinks he must be in the Noodle Business somehow or that he’s the Mr. Noodle from Sesame Street. But in reality, he’s just a normal guy.

He is here solely to share his thoughts, feelings and emotions. Hopefully to make a few people smile, think and even laugh once in awhile.

Any semblances to real life are completely by accident and should be considered coincidental.



  1. Congrats on staying close to your sons, and I look forward to reading your tweets (more) and posts. I worked in Chicago and lived in Milwaukee for years, the big city draws me there often.

    BTW – ReadyForSomeFB – is ReadyForSomeFootball – my fellow Packers bloggers don’t appreciate a female in their midst, and my entry to Twitter was to follow a the guy that does the Journal/Sentinal blogs. Everyone thinks I am some FaceBook guru (not, not even there).

    Thank you for all you do!

    Hugs Heidi

  2. I have to admit that is what I thought your name meant at first too, lol. I love Chicago and would love it even more if my boys were closer!

    Thanks for commenting!

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